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Origin of Sogo Budokan

Sogo Budokan is a world organisation for all traditional Japanese Martial Arts. It was founded in 1985 by Kancho Tino Brebels as a way to promote and to maintain the authentic practice and philosophy of Budo.
Sogo Budokan can be translated as 'General Center for Martial Arts, Philosophy and Self-Preservation', and as such it provides a link between Eastern and Western philosophy in striving for quality in all aspects of daily life.
To achieve this goal of quality and harmony, Sogo Budokan organizes regular martial-arts trainings, seminars (past and future) and cultivates a concord and harmony between its members and the world at large.
You can find a list of past and present high kyu and dan grade graduates here

Sogo Budokan group photo with Tino Brebels Sensei and Okimitsu Fujii Sensei

Picture of Tino Brebels Sensei

Kancho Tino Brebels

The founder and chief instructor of Sogo Budokan has received the highest international recognition for his contributions to the promotion of budo worldwide.
Brebels Sensei studied under Okimitsu Fujii Sensei.

Being both a highly respected martial artist and a very nice man, training under his guidance is both highly rewarding and a great pleasure!

Martial Arts

Sogo Bukokan emphasizes both unarmed combat (ju-jitsu) as well as sword fighting (Iaido). Training typically starts with ju-jitsu, and as the practitioner progresses, training will shift focus to katas (each focussing on either karate, judo or kempo) and sword katas (Iaido).

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