Budo camp 2006, Belgium

(21-23 July 2006)

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Iaido practice

Budo camp: the idea

The idea behind budo camp is to provide an immersive experience of Martial Arts practice, focusing on diverse topics that enhance the practitioners understanding of budo, bushido and ultimately life itself.
During budo camp, the practitioners 'live' the essence of budo for several days while camping out and training in the open air. Many techniques and stances suddenly reveal previously hidden minor flaws when practiced on the uneven ground of real life, yet - more importantly - practicing outdoors is also essential in removing the perceived line between training in the sports centre on the one hand and the world as we live in it every day.
Indeed, budo camp presents a unique occassion for the martial arts student that (like so many aspects of training) is only fully appreciated after time has etched the patterns learned there deep into the mind!

Flying fists of fury!

Summary of the budo camp

Over the course of three days, practice was focused on karate techniques (block-counterattack patterns) as well as iaido practice.
Different in most people's views, iaido and karate are really not seperated at all. Both basic concepts (attack, evasion and counter - and throughout: initiative) and stances are very similar; only iaido is much more nuanced and therefore extremely hard to master!
Practising iaido however, will enhance your karate skills over time, as it will improve all other aspects of your martial arts abilities.

Iaido can seem a loonely path

Noto: the sheathing of the sword.

Karate training, re-taking the initiative


Traditionally an excellent opportunity to get all Sogo Budokan members from the different nations together, budo camp was again visited by two German branches and two Belgian branches this year.
For many members of the different Sogo Budokan branches, this budo camp also provides them with the opportunity to study with and meet Sensei Tino Brebels. This obviously means lots of good advice, many small corrections and a great amount of all-round fun!

A line of swords, showing different stages of iaido kata

Some more photos

Gerald and Co. BBQ! All comfort was present Leuven branch members
Iaido tranquility Iaido intensity An intruder!
Group photo

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